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  • KunioOkuda


    Kunio Okuda

    Okuda owns the top of the power of influence as ICO analyst in Japan. He owns the proficiency of ICO analysis and joins many projects.

    He takes in charge of the advisor of IDACB which is the organization inviting world block chain and code currency specialists.

    IDACB will set up ICO consultative committee and will make international discussion about ICO.

    He currently participates GazeCoin、Swissborg、Lucyd Morpheus Labs、Cross, and etc. He also participated as a member of OmiseGO and Cindicator in the past.

    He will utilize his network in this project and try to establish new economic zone.

  • YoshinaoMiyokawa


    Yoshinao Miyokawa

    Grown up under the environment of Key shop, Miyokawa, the engineer who covers all security is concerned with as well as network security.

    He made activities in various groups or organizations as the individual cooperator.

    He also owns wide business experience as CTO of Apollo Communication such as setting-up media, Magazine editing system, and set-up of the print bookbinding factory.

    After independence, he held TV event in Vietnam for children besides off shore development business in Southeast Asia.

    Now he trains the engineers of block chain and acts as an architect of new project.

  • Tommy Le

    Developer Manager

    Tommy Le(Le Minh Tuan)

    CEO of Ekoios Technologies

    Tommy is a management guru and a serial entrepre- neur. Experience different positions in the biggest technology enterprise of Vietnam over 10 years, he knows how to manage cost, quality to be able to success- fully deliver the large-scale projects up to 250 man.months and make the customer happy.He has founded and directed Ekoios JSC from the ground up and he has been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since the early days and this led him to become involved in a marketing and development role with the start-up of another prominent crypto coin that is soon to be released on all platforms. His experience and under- standing of blockchain technology and the cryptocur- rency space is hard to match. Proven skills in manage- ment and extensive experience in development led him to be Head Development of MGC (Myanmar Gold Coin)

  • Andy Nguyen

    Chief Block Chain Engineer

    Andy Nguyen

    CIO of Ekoios Technologies(Nguyen Huu An)

    Andy is a certified IBM solution designer and specializing in the object-oriented analysis. This former game engineer is a super engineer in the making! He likes mathematics, algorithm, programming and challenging something new. Known for his works of building complicated ERP or enterprise system from grown up, and extensive experience in developing the smart contract with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Neo as well as related systems. achieving high performance, no single point, and extensibility Andy is presently working as MGC’s Lead Blockchain Engineer.

  • William Nguyen

    Product Manager

    William Nguyen (Nguyen Dinh Phuc)

    CPO ofEkoios Technologies

    - Awarded Google Summer of Code student for a NASA research project (2010) -Awarded the first prize in the Student Science Research conference at Vietnam National University, Hanoi - Former Student Researcher at Mitani Sangyo Co,. LTD, Japan - The 3rd Winner Award of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012 for Android - Former Senior Game Engineer, Project Manager at DeNA William has honed his skills at many startups and he is now focusing on MGC product.

  • Mine members

    Mining Company CEO

    It can not be made clear for safety.

  • Mine members

    Mining Company COO

    It can not be made clear for safety.