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MGC is Myanmar Gold Coin.

Do you know Myanmar? It is an Asian country rich in underground resources. But it is still emerging country.

It have many problems. We have issued MGC to solve some problems and activate economic activity.

Why? MGC?

That's the chance with which you can participate in value creation of the next generation.

Emerging economies Myanmar, gold with invariable value, with the power of digital advanced technology.

In this project we have a gold mine. The tokens of the same amount as the mined gold are issued and can be exchanged for MGC. Of course, you can exchange for gold. There is no need to question.


The asset token and Gold can be exchanged, and it is possible to confirm the real mining mining amount secured confirm on the block chain.

Utility token based on ERC 20, asset token based on gold, payment token that can be payed in Myanmar.

As long as Gold exists in the world, it is the first gold convertible coin.

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MGC Token

  • MGC is a real gold guaranteed token.

    • MGC can exchange gold obtained in Myanmar's mine development.

      Gold reserves have already been confirmed by Geolist survey.

  • You can exchange for real gold.

    • 400 MGC can be exchanged for 1 KOM. 1 KOM is an asset token that guarantees 1 g of pure gold.

      When mining development progresses and gold is mined, KOM will be issued. KOM can be exchanged for actual gold at designated exchange offices such as Myanmar and Singapore.

Our Technology





  • Traceability

    MGC Traceability

    We can trace everything from the movement of the whole mine development to the storage of pure gold.

    The name of that system is the TRAPRO system. TRAPRO makes mining development the next generation.

  • Communication

    MGC Communication

    It is designed to operate properly even in environments where communication lines can not be secured.

    We will use Iridium mobile communication, IOT using 920 MHz short range radio, etc. according to the area and information contents.

  • Blockchain

    MGC Blockchain

    Correct data without falsification with the block chain technology is retained.

    This protects the conservation of people and communities working in the mine, monitored from all over the world.

Project Road Map

  • 2018


    · Private sale start

    · Trial dig start(Gold mine in Myanmar 1)


    · Private sale finish.

    · Trial dig start(Gold mine in Myanmar 2)

    · MGC dashboard development.


    · Pre sale start.


    · Pre sale finish.

    · Crowd sale start.

    · Full-scale dig start(Gold mine in Myanmar 1&2)


    · MGC token distribution finish.

    · KOM Cooperation joint development.

    · MGC listed negotiations.

    · Airdrop distribution.


    · MGC exchange listing.


    · Specification consideration and decision of TRAPRO system.

    · Development starting of a TRAPRO system.

    · Development starting of TRAPRO-ID tag issue terminal.

    · Development starting of the independence type small communication network transponder.

  • 2019


    · Gold refiner negotiation.

    · Trial dig start(Gold mine in Myanmar 3)

    · Raunchy of the TRAPRO system.

    · Beginning of the mission of a KOM token.

    · Test practical use of the independence type small communication network transponder.


    · Completion and performance beginning of the mission of a tag issue terminal.

    · Field test by a hardware fish let pilot model


    · Shift to a new chain of MGC.

    · Distribution starting by a micro finance enterpriser of a hardware wallet.

    · Sales starting of ardware wallet.


    · Actual practical use of the independence type small communication network transponder.

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  • MGC (Myanmar Gold Coin) White paper

    MGC (Myanmar Gold Coin) White paper Ver1.05(English)

  • About MGC

    About MGC (English)

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  • Gold mine report

    Gold mine report

Gold market and encryption currency market

In the gold market, demand has increased over the past five years, and it is unlikely that supply will continue to increase significantly as China, the country's largest exporter and importer, strictly develops and withdraws money.

In emerging countries such as Turkey, demand for gold is expected to continue as a safe property for currency declines and credit instability.

The rise in US interest rates leads to the movement to prevent the risk of capital outflow from China, and the gold market is improving even in the Middle East, so supply is not expected to catch up with demand increase.

In such gold market it will become more and more difficult to liquidate gold. Among them, it is possible to create gold liquidity with cryptographic currency as collateral with existential value proof, and it is possible to transfer value easily in the market.

In the future, it will be divided into a resource country and a resource-free country from the framework of developed and underdeveloped countries.

Amidst changes in the era, countries that are resource countries among the rebellious countries have a major turning point.

There are other cryptographic currencies based on gold as each market is gathering attention in the world in the future, but it is also diverted in other countries to prove that money actually exists and to distribute it as an electronic payment currency It is possible and I think that the impact on the market is very great.

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